Although I finished my Non-fiction challenge much earlier this year,

Completed in March

I am still trying to read more non-fiction. Recently, a friend, Susan, gave me some books she had left over from when she was the CFO of Alvin Independent School District on team management and communication. One of these books, which I’m just getting around to reading is Bob Nicoll’s Remember the Ice.

A fine book on effectively communicating

The title stems from, which is more effective, to say, “Don’t forget the ice,”or to modify the “message” to, “Remember the ice”? Nicoll contends that saying, “Don’t forget the ice” registers in one’s subconscious as “FORGET the ice” because we are most likely to leave out negative messages like, “Don’t.” Instead, he says, we should phrase the communication in a positive way, “REMEMBER” the ice; thus, we will be more likely to experience positive results.

There are many…

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