Story Arc Workshop: Revealing the beauty in the darkness

Christian Hartwell

“I felt numb. I didn’t really know what to feel. I didn’t even cry until I got on the bus the next day, and that’s when it all hit me,” Talilo Marfil said. He was talking about his son’s death.

At this year’s Story Arc workshop, led by SOJC Multimedia Journalism master’s program co-directors Sung Park and Wes Pope, the other members of my team and I learned what it means to enter the dark territories of someone’s past in order to tell his story.

We were the green team, coached by Andrea Wise, an accomplished photographer and editor from New York. Our simple goal was to make the world a better place through visual storytelling. Supplied with cameras from Canon, monitor-recorders from Atomos and coaches who would push us hard, we were more than ready to tell an impactful story from the streets of Portland.

A story…

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