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I need a friend, one who has a taste for urban fantasy and is a fan of NYC. Seriously, I have bought a signed copy of N.K Jemisin’s The City We Became, and need to MAKE time to read it. I first read this author in the Broken Earth series a few years ago when I bought the trilogy after its recommendation by blogging friend Sarah of Brainfluff. As a summer project, My Better Half and I took turns reading it aloud to each other. When fall schedules made an appearance again, we started Book Two, but soon he had less time to read than did I, so with his permission, I continued to read the book to the end, finishing my mid-semester. I put off reading Book Three for almost two years, making several false starts before finally finishing the trilogy during the Christmas Holidays that year.

The author…

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sic gang awards | when i got an award instead !!


yezzz guys that’s right, your regular award giver has received an award herself instead. so in today’s post i’m going to be answering the questions i got from my friend suhani over at randomreadersrambles (out of topic but that’s such a nice blog name) thanks for nominating me!!

Suhani’s questions:

  • this isn’t a movie but the last season of attack on titan made me bawl my eyes out at 5AM in the morning😭😭😭
  • i would probably live somewhere in 3022. this is only because i’m so excited to see what houses, phones and blogs would look like somewhere that far in time. i do have a few guesses, but unless you see you’ll never know😌
  • “I may die young, but at least I’ll die smart.” this line is something Alaska Young from Looking for Alaska says and it’s always something that has stuck with me.

  • I’d say we’re all pretty…

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A man was being tailgated by a woman. The light turns yellow, and he slams on his brakes, resulting in her rear-ending him. She honks, yells, and males rude gestures, while keeping up a stream of bad language. A nearby police car sees the whole thing.

Getting out of the police car, the cop arrests her, takes her to the station house, searches her, fingerprints her, and puts her in a cell. Later, he returns, issues her a ticket for following too close, hands her her personal effects, and apologizes for his mistake. “When we saw your actions at the scene of the accident, and also saw the WWJD bumper sticker, the Choose Life license plate frame, the Follow Me To Sunday school window decal, and the fish symbol on the trunk…we assumed you had stolen the car! (Paraphrased from John Ortberg’s When…

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