THE DAUGHTER OF TIME by Josephine They: A Review


An old Proverb states that “Truth is the Daughter of Time,” and it is a search for truth that is the premise for this novel. We find Alan Grant, Scotland Yard detective recuperating in an extended hospital stay from a freak accident. When the book opens, he has been inactive for a period of time, and is B O R E D.  Marta, an actress friend, brings photos of faces to distract him, for studying faces and having a knack of determining whether a face is that of a “good guy” or a “bad guy” is his prime talent, earning him a reputation at the Yard. He becomes fascinated by a portrait of Richard the Third, the “unscrupulous murderer of the Little Princes”–or not!

Carradine, Marta’s “wooly lamb,” called this because of his ungainly tall and curly-haired blonde looks, becomes Grants researcher and is soon caught up in the legwork…

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17 Secrets Only Book Lovers Are In On

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Are books your therapy? Do you prioritize reading over sleep? If so, you’re a true book lover, and you can likely relate to these literary truths. Here are 17 things that only book lovers will understand.

1. A good book is worth losing sleep over.

17 Things Book Lovers Knows for Sure

2. And they always get good when you need to be somewhere.

17 Things Book Lovers Knows for Sure

3. In the eBooks vs. paper books debate, eBooks are winning.

17 Things Book Lovers Knows for Sure

4. But nothing beats the feeling of holding a good old-fashioned book.

17 Things Book Lovers Knows for Sure

5. That’s because books are cheaper than therapy.

17 Things Book Lovers Knows for Sure

6. Books make you happy…

17 Things Book Lovers Knows for Sure

7. … and give you a good excuse to cry…

17 Things Book Lovers Knows for Sure

8. … and to explore your soul.

17 Things Book Lovers Know for Sure

9. Another thing books save money on: plane tickets.

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10. Because books let you daydream from home.

17 Things Book Lovers Knows for Sure

11. That makes them the perfect form of procrastination.

17 Things Book Lovers Knows for Sure

12. And one of the few forms of procrastination that will make you smarter.

17 Things Book Lovers Knows for Sure

13. Books are also a…

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5 Best Places in NYC to curl up With A book

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Living in New York City means it’s hard to get away from the hustle and bustle. But it’s not impossible. We’ve picked the five best places to curl up with a book. So grab a cup of coffee and a seat on the couch because it’s time to finally crack open that book you’ve been meaning to read.

(credit: Facebook/GroundedNYC)Grab a spot on the couch at Grounded in the West Village and make yourself comfortable because you’re going to want to stay a while. This cozy café is a great alternative to your living room with a skylight above, oversized chairs, and bookshelves in the back. Make sure to grab a cup of organic coffee before opening up your book. Vegetarians will love the breakfast and lunch menu — it’s filled with fresh, healthy options like Portobello mushroom sandwich on ciabatta bread with arugula, gorgonzola and balsamic or the hummus sandwich with tomato, alfalfa, sprouts…

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How To Apply Makeup Like A Writer #SundayBlogShare #ASMSG #AmWriting


As the readers of BlondeWriteMore know I have covered writer fashion on my blog so I thought it was high time I covered how a writer approaches putting on their makeup.

If you are thinking about becoming a writer or just want to try being one…for a day (*sigh*)I hope you find these handy hints and tips valuable.

Here are some things to bear in mind when applying makeup – writer style!

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17 Outstanding Bookshops in Australia

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1.Sappho Books & Cafe, Sydney

Possibly the closest you can get to Paris’ Shakespeare & Co. here in Australia. This second hand bookshop in Glebe is filled with your favorite classics, new releases and everything in between. The two story converted townhouse is any bibliophile’s dream, and there is a kick-ass café and wine bar in the back where you can flick through your recent purchases.

2.Gould’s Book Arcade, Sydney

This massive book warehouse in Newtown is guaranteed to be hiding your new favorite novel, you just need to have the time and patience to find it. Gould’s specializes in second hand and out-of-print works, and has become a Sydney institution.

3.Ariel’s Bookstore, Sydney

Ariel’s is a calm oasis on busy Oxford Street in the middle of Paddington. A huge range of titles will keep you browsing for hours, and it has a great selection of hardcover…

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Wendy Moss has written a young adult novel that interested me, and I am far from a young adult. She uses an interesting format; every three chapters alternate between the three main characters, Ally, Bree, and Jack.  The entire story is told from three separate points of view. Ally lives at Moon Shadow, a campground where the nearest town is an hour’s drive away. She gives star lectures at this perfect place to view the Great Eclipse as hundreds and thousands of tourists worldwide come to view the solar eclipse. Bree is Ally’s opposite, popular, gorgeous, whose goal is to be on the cover of Seventeen magazine before turning seventeen.  Jack is “overweight and awkward,”raised by a single mom.  He is an artist who daydreams and draws in class and has been given the opportunity to come assist his science teacher camp guide in lieu of going to summer school.

The book…

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A Coming-To-America-To-Make-A-Better-Life-for-Oneself-Story: A GOOD AMERICAN by Alex George


I love immigrants-in-search-of-a-new-life stories! This one by Alex George, published in 2012 begins in 1904 and narrates the story of three generations (generational, family stories being another of my favorites) and tells the sweep-you-away love story of Frederick and Jette. Young lovers, they discover that Jette is pregnant and must flee the wrath and disappointment of her mother and family and make a married life for themselves in America. They intend to live in New York, but only have enough passage money to book for New Orleans, and through mishaps and misunderstandings in communication, end up starting their new life in Beatrice, Missouri, a fictional town in a very real county in Missouri.

The story is narrated by their grandson, James. Near the end of the book, James uncovers a family secret that rocks his world and reveals his true identity. It is a “sweeping” story that explores a love…

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