It’s a dog’s life

bluebird of bitterness

A man was out for a stroll one day when he saw a dog tied up in front of a house, with a sign next to it that read “Talking Dog for Sale.”

This piqued the man’s curiosity, so he approached the dog and said, “Is this true? You can talk?”

“Yep,” said the dog.

The man was impressed. “Tell me more,” he said.

“Well, I discovered my gift pretty young,” said the dog. “I wanted to serve my country, so I went to the CIA and told them about my ability, and soon they had me jetting all over the world, sitting in rooms with spies and world leaders, none whom ever suspected what I was up to. I was one of the agency’s most valuable spies eight years running. But all that jetting around really wore me out, and I wanted to settle down, so I took a job…

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Spring 2018

Writer's Treasure Chest

Once again the first season of the year

has arrived, and just picks up in gear.

Flowers bloom, the grass turns green

everything looks fresh and clean.


Renewed life stretches and is waking

sleep is gone, life is in the making.

Birds, and flowers, water and grass

happiness is now as clear as glass.


Singing and dancing are taking over

we find luck in a four leaved clover.

We are proud and we all smile

dust is shaken off the winter pile.


Youngsters are shown by their proud Mom

birds and kitties nd puppies, all are calm.

The sun shines brighter every day

warms our babies on their way.


And once again we know it’s true

what we didn’t think when the cold wind blew

The Earth has once again shown that all the tragic

thoughts are gone by Nature’s magic.


(Copyright, Aurora Jean Alexander…

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Last week was Spring Break, and I took a break from my Sunday (Evening) Posts. I am pleased to report that during Spring Break and over this week end, I have been able to work in a good bit of reading. Here’s my “progress report.”


The Fortelling by Alice Hoffman (reviewed on this blog this past week)

Second Chance Grill by Christine Nolti, a light, escape-reading romance that will be reviewed soon

Girl Waits with Gun by Amy Stewart, a delightful mystery which kept me turning pages and staying up too late    Shout out to Aurora–Yes, I’ve finished it!

Housekeeping by Marilynne Robinson, a strange, depressing, but truly beautiful book, which counted for my “H” in The Alphabet Challenge


I Thought It Was Just Me (But It Wasn’t) by Brene Brown, a book I have had for a long while on my TBR shelf and which will…

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Literacy and Me

Recently I asked my Advanced Writing students at the university where I teach to define the word “passion” collaboratively within their small groups. A variety of definitions were given, all interesting and noteworthy.  Then, individually, I asked them to describe their passion. The answers ranged from “cooking” to “sharing Jesus with others.” Next the students put me on the spot, asking, “What is your passion, Mrs. L”? I hemmed and hawed, mentioning reading and writing and books, and libraries, and other like things when it hit me that my passion was literacy in one form or another. Thus, the need to start this blog: to explore my passion.

On I have written a few posts that are literacy related. The second post, written in March of 2016, discusses the attempts to improve literacy in the Alvin (Texas) area, specifically the planting of Little Free Libraries. The blog will eventually…

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