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When I read this quote, I thought back to my life and was surprised I found nearly everything I thought “happened to me” that was painful, devastating, hard to take or heartbreaking (at least when it came to relationships) I had to go through all this to walk on a different path.
Most situations I was in, which I thought made me happy, were only a short illusion and neither one of them was good.

Now, each one of us, I think, has a different way to think “who” did change my/his/her situation. Some might think, it was ‘Karma,’ some may think it was, what it was, some may think, our life follows a certain path, and some others, including me, might think, God decided to show me a better direction.

One of my best friends once told me several times already: “God might have other…

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THE END OF YOUR LIFE BOOK CLUB by Will Schwalbe: A Review


I have been in a two-person book club for a while; my girlfriend and I call ourselves, “Book Buddies.” We always recommend books to each other,and loan them or give them to each other, then discuss them.  At least once, we have read a book series simultaneously and commented via email and have sent clippings of reviews or interesting snippets concerning movies or TV shows to be made from a book we have read as well. When I heard that this book was about a man and his dying mother forming a two person book club and reading the books together, I was interested, then thought, “Eeeww, another book about dying and loss…no thanks”! In a weak moment after hearing a Third Tuesday Book Club friend had started reading this book, I ordered it from Amazon.

It is NOT depressing or a “downer” as I feared, but uplifting and even…

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In the late seventies, early eighties, I was teaching Language Arts to sixth graders in an elementary school. It was here that I first encountered The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe by C. S. Lewis. The end of the school year was looming, and the endless hours filling in and averaging grades for each student’s permanent record lay ahead. This all had to be done at school, for teachers were not allowed to take such documents home. Patty, the teacher next door, a friend from AAUW, and who had taught with My Better Half at the high school, was trying to make the excessive, hand-done paperwork required at the elementary level a bit easier. She suggested that we record on her personal Beta-max (google it!) C.S. Lewis’ classic which would be on public television(PBS) the following Sunday, then show it to our two classes together while one of us…

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In Jay’s (of the blog “This Is My Truth Now) Children’s Book Marathon, participants are asked to read children’s books and review them. Last week’s books were Picture Books, and I was a day late, but I reviewed all three books.  This time, the books are Award Winning Books, and since I waited until the last minute to order them from my local library, they did not come in until today, two days after the “deadline.” Thus, I have only had time to read one of the three, and I think I’ll pass on the other two. The first book in this category is Winnie the Pooh by A.A. Milne ;I am sure I have read this book at one time, and I’ve seen more than one cartoon version of a story from the series, but I think instead of re-reading the book, I’ll try to watch the part human…

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