IN 2022, I TOOK ON THE MOUNT TBR READING CHALLENGE. I had originally thought of reading 22 books from my TBR selves in 2022, but amended that to 24 books in order to merit a higher level in the challenge. Here it is Thanksgiving, some 37 days left in the year, and to date I have read 15 books that linger on my shelves, neglected and ignored. There are just too many book club selections, new books out, books out recently by favorite authors and those that say “Read me, Read me” as they are displayed in their colorful jackets at the local library. I think, ahead of time, I will concede, no longer attempting to include this challenge and for the rest of the year read what suits my fancy. Heresy? No. Reading for pleasure. Sometimes, one just has to “know when to fold ’em.” LOL

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Fall is my preparation time for winter, a time of hibernation, healing, and self-care. I am already beginning to slow down and practice self-care. I saw this little meme about fall and thought about my readers of this blog. It is a message to take seriously if you want a great fall.


Dark House: Illustrated Poem Swap with Maggie!


Hey warriors! I know today isn’t a usual post day, but with NaNoWriMo coming up so soon I wanted to get one more fun post in before I share all my tips, tricks, and encouragement! So today I’ll be sharing my poem Dark House again, only this time… it’s illustrated by Maggie from Maggie’s Doodles! (Psst. If you want to see my own pathetic art skills and her poetry, check out her poem with my art here!) Let’s dive in!

The sound of beating hooves

Pound across the cobblestones

Cracked and coated in dirt

From years of heavy burdens

The gate is iron cold,

Squealing dark disapproval.

Angry dogs threaten guests

Til one regrets arrival

Toward the gloomy house,

Up the winding path of stones,

Past the littered garden…

Could those be a human’s bones?

A loud clap of thunder

And dismal drops of cold rain…

The stink of…

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NOVEMBER 1st, National Family Literacy Day


In 1994, Congress designated November first each year as a day to celebrate family literacy. Across the US, families engage in literary activities by reading aloud together, parents and grandparents writing their life stories and having children read them aloud, reading a book over the coming week (with copies for each member of the family) then getting together on Saturday night to discuss it, and recommending books to each other. The Day brings the family together to celebrate the joys of reading.

The benefits of gathering together to read and write are innumerable. Let today be less about laptops and mobile devices and more about books.


Literacy word cloud collage, education concept background


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