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Welcome to the round up of posts that you might have missed this week on Smorgasbord.

Another week that has flown by and cannot believe it is July next week. Our Met office has promised another tropical air mass and I excitedly checked the ten day forecast for our part of Ireland…I am sure you can see why I am not getting over excited…

Today is windy and 15 degrees although it does promise bright sunshine from 6pm this evening.. luckily we have two extensions at the back of the house which is a little sun trap and offers some protection from the wind, and I will attempt to top up my Vitamin D this afternoon with a good book.

I invested in another seed tray to create another bird bath for our garden birds which is proving popular. When the sun is out the starlings in particular enjoy a…

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As part of a personal “project” on Madeline L’Engle, I reread and reviewed all five books of her Murray family saga, both Many Waters and An Acceptable Time were read about the time I started blogging, so I didn’t have to write the review fresh, but could share an old review written years ago. Finishing up with books four and five completes a “chunk” of the project’s goals. Here is a review of the final book in this series:

AN ACCEPTABLE TIME by Madeline L’Engle: A Review

Polly, daughter of Meg Murry ofA Wrinkle in Time,and neice of Sandy and Denys Murray ofMany Waters,is spending time with her mother’s parents in New England. A neighbor, “Bishop Nase” manages to open a Time Gate which transports individuals back in time. Both the Star Gazing Stone and the Old Wall act as portals for Polly on several occasions. Meeting…

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This meme created by Carole at Random Life in Books is a way to think back over what you’ve read and give an “oldie but goodie” a second look.

This sci fi novel, written by a friend has everything–action, great characters who undergo change and development, and love. It deals with the issue of what it means to be human. Here is my original review of it:

Who Is the Human? Sam, Fred, Dylax: A Review of a Sci-Fi Novel

Gary Pegoda’s novel begins with a question posed on the title page: “If computers were human in every way, would it be human? How would you know?” In this day of messing around with IA, it is a question to be considered. The first character we meet is Sam, “I am Sam, the Star Bright Machine…” a computer activated in 2020 who is, in its/his own words, “intelligent,” and “conscious” although…

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