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Annette Rochelle Aben


You think

The choices

You made back then

Would play out this way

At the time, they were fun

Never thought much about them

Living in the moment seemed right

Never imagined consequences

That would give you pause down the road a piece

©2019 Annette Rochelle Aben

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Waking up to coffee–two cups, one accompanied by two fresh-baked cookies and half a power bar. Plenty of breakfast. As I sip, I read Coffee Poems, purchased recently after reading on Jen Payne’s blog that she’d had a poem published in this anthology. (Yes, all the poems are about, or at least mention, coffee.) Here is Jen’s poem:

Measuring Water by Sound

I want to know the color of your eyes, not just the browns

and greens of them, but by the specific Pantone colors of

their constellations.

I want to know by rote how your tongue forms the syllables

of my name, the way your lips make words in the dark.

I want to know your skin like I know my favorite sweater,

how it caresses my shoulders, hugs my hips…where it rests

against my belly.

I want to know you by sound, the way I know I’ve poured

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