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The Tuesday Teaser asks you copy a few sentences from what you are currently reading, “teasing” other readers to put your book on their TBR lists. After you read mine, be sure to leave your Tuesday Teaser in the “reply” box at the bottom. It’s fun to “play” too, and I am always amazed at the diversity/variety of the things friends are reading.

My T T today comes from Sarah Jio’s Goodnight June (Yes, a “play” on Goodnight Moon) It comes early in the novel. June has found an old box in her deceased aunt’s attic and discovers a copy of Goodnight Moon and her childhood diaries. What revelations will these old books hold for her about her “life she left behind” and the person she is today?

“I pull the book out of the box and hold it in my hands. It’s a full-sized hardback, not the tiny board…

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Here are the first lines of a book I started today, The Girl Who Fell from the Sky, by Heidi W. Durrow; so far, the story is so great, I keep stealing time from other things to read “a few chapters more.”


‘You my lucky piece,’ Grandma says. Grandma has walked me the half-block from the hospital to the bus stop. Her hand is wrapped around mine like a leash. It is fall 1982 in Portland, and it is raining.”

What follows is the intriguing story of how Rachel “fell from the sky,” which was witnessed by one boy in the apartments, but is speculated upon by many.