This thank you to Sarah of “Brainfluff” who first introduced me to “The Purple Booker” ‘s meme goes out on Tuesday, June 25th, a rainy day on the Texas Gulf Coast. At least with the thunderstorms and rain, the “feels like” temperatures are no longer 111degrees. “Feels like” temps factor in the humidity, for which we are notorious. A UK visitor to an author friend of mine stated, “Wow, I feel like I just stepped into a Turkish Steam Bath,” upon deplaning, walked across the tarmac, and upon being seated in her waiting car, he promptly fainted.

Today’s teaser is from You Can Do Anything by George Anders. The book explains the value (Yes, there is one.) of a Liberal Arts Degree in today’s techie world. He quotes C.P. Snow’s essay, “The Two Cultures” in chapter five as follows: “…Each group had a curious distorted image of the other based on dangerous…

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Priceless : A hunger for life

Two on a Rant

18 Hilarious Sad Cat Problems That Might Explain Why Your ...What is without price?  

Honor, integrity,

sealing the deal with a handshake, 

being good to your word.

What comes at a price?

Love, faith, children and pets.

What is priceless?

A peaceful mind, a life well-lived,

and experiences containing regrets you can live with.

Losing yourself in a book.

Living what you’re writing.

Good health.

Faithful Friends.

My life isfilled with intermittent priceless moments,

but it has not been lived without a price.

For I have lost as much as I have loved.

Joelle (Feeling a bit morose) LeGendre

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Rain Mantra

The rain comes gentle this morning

says: there are things that come and go

says: for all rain, there is also sun

taps out Quiet, Quiet, Quiet

on leaves like a mantra

louder than the train whistle

and steady increase of cars

that say: another day begins

and birds who sing: no matter the rain

in a hopeful tune

that’s hard to ignore.

Poem ©2019, Jen Payne. Image: Rain Shower, Eyvind Earle

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