Today, September 22 is Dear Diary Day. I celebrated by writing in both my journals. To further celebrate, here’s a GIVEAWAY!!!!

All you have to do is leave a comment, a few sentences about your experiences with journaling or keeping a diary. The comments will be read by an impartial judge who will pick the top THREE who will receive a free journal. Get those entries in quickly. The deadline is September 30th!

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I can hardly believe how fast I am slicing through this challenge. I have reached the half-way mark, and read books with six different colored covers listed on the challenge.

The red book,

One of my favorites.

The blue (or mostly blue) book.

The yellow book

A change in plan.

I originally picked another book for my white book, but when I heard Fiona’s new book was white, I hurried to my local library and checked out the large print version, and put my first selection for white down until later. Lions was Davis’s best yet, and that’s really saying something!

I have not read a black book yet, but one should not be hard to find.

An Aussie Noir–my first of this genre

Green book

Orange book

Thanks to Carla at Carla Loves to Read, Reay is my new “favorite” author.

It’s not too late to join the challenge.

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Pura Vida Review+An Exclusive Discount!

A special offer from my young blogging friend.

Chloe's Thoughts Blog

(Just so you know, I added some AWESOME stuff at the bottom!😉)

I’m sure some of you might’ve heard of the company Pura Vida. I recently purchased from here and I am super satisfied!I purchased…

Triangle Charm 1

A White Triangle Charm

Lightning Bitty Braid 1

A Black Lightning Bolt Bracelet

Sand Dollar Charm 1

A Mint Sand Dollar Bracelet

Daisy Charm 3

A Yellow Daisy Bracelet

Rose Gold Save the Sea Turtles Charm 1

A Rose Gold Save The Turtles Bracelet

Daisy Ring 1

A Daisy Ring

Daisy Studs 1

and Daisy Earrings

Find what you’re looking for, then look at what I have to say about the product!

It’s a great bracelet, but it came out a little peach, but otherwise it’s fine.Rating of 5 StarsExplanationOther
Triangle Bracelet✰✰✰✰It’s a great bracelet, but it came out a little peach, but otherwise it’s fine.White
Lightning Bolt Bracelet✰✰✰✰It’s a great bracelet, but don’t get it in black.Black
Sand Dollar Bracelet✰✰✰✰✰I LOVE this bracelet! The color…

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I found this fun meme at Hoarding Books. What one is asked to do is grab a book at random and copy the first line, so here’s mine for Friday, September 18, 2020:

” February 3 was a dark and dank day altogether; cold spitting rain in the morning and a low, steel-grey sky the rest of the afternoon.”

The above is from The Ninth Hour by Alice McDermott, my choice for the white book of my “Celebration of Color” Challenge.

Grab your current read, and join in.

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