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We come across so many quotes daily. Some of them seem relatable as if they are just meant for us while there are others which motivate us to do better. My favorite one is:

“When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you’ll be successful.”

~ Eric Thomas

It encompasses a simple truth that success will come to you once you give your all to achieve it. When the success shall become your priority, your way of living, your life – only then it will truly be yours. To achieve something, you need be prepared to sacrifice. Success shall be as important as anything important for sustaining because then you would make meticulous and careful steps. Then you’ll work extensively until you exhaust badly because something called success awaits you!

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YouTube Is The Enemy of Concentration.

Some Words That Say What I Think

The internet is one of the most significant inventions of the past 100 years and was probably designed with the intention of providing us with instant access to information and the ability to communicate with people across the world.

However, sometimes it seems like the internet was created for the sole purpose of distracting me.

The internet has the power to completely and utterly eradicate any semblance of focus that I have previously established.

For me, the site that poses the biggest threat to concentration is YouTube.

The majority of the videos on YouTube are short and it is therefore easy to click on a video under the impression that you are taking a brief break from being productive.

However, each individual video is linked within a seemingly infinite network other videos.

By clicking on a video, you are heading directly into a trap.

Whenever I go on YouTube, I…

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TUESDAY TEASER (Please participate)

As per instructions from The Purple Booker, find a random sentence or two that gives us the “feel” of the book you are currently reading and copy it into the Comments box at the end of this post.  Don’t forget to add the title and author. As usual, I will open my book to what I am reading today and start copying where I left off reading.  This is from The Light Between Oceans:

Chapter 15/

“Lucy’s christening, originally arranged for the first week of their leave (from duty at a lonely, isolated lighthouse), had been postponed because of the lengthy “indisposition” of Reverend Norkells.  It finally took place the day before their return to Janus (the island where the lighthouse was located) in early January. That scorching morning, Ralph and Hilda walked to the church with Tom and Isabel (baby’s parents). The only shade to be had while they waited for the doors to open was under a cluster of malee trees, besides the gravestones…[they overhear] ‘Oh, the poor baby, and her father, the ones that drowned. At least they’ve finally got a memorial.’  Isabel froze.  For a moment, she feared she might faint.”




Kiss Her Goodbye by Wendy Corsi Staub, the book I read for “K” in my Alphabet Challenge, has something for everyone: a thriller, crime, mystery, family and marriage relationships, family secrets–you name it, it’s in there. This was a paperback written in 2004 that was turned in to my Little Free Library after a neighbor read it. There is both a prologue and an epilogue, features I always appreciate.

It opens with the approaching birthday of Jen Carmody, the fourteen year old who becomes the focus of mysterious speculations, stalkings, and secrets. Stella, for whom Jen babysits and her husband, Kurt (who is a possible suspect at one point) are having marital difficulties. The family secrets mentioned are revealed and explored which involve Jen’s father, Matt, her mother, Kathleen, and Kathleen’s father who is “confused” and in a nursing home. Her best friend, Erin’s mother, Maeve, is a single mom…

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I read this collection of poems by blogger and author Colin Chappell as part of my celebration of National Poetry Month in April. As Colin describes his book, it is…

“A little book

for when

you have

a little time

with some

little writings,

which may produce

some little


And producing thoughts based on his thoughts is exactly what Just Thinking did for me. I had already read and enjoyed, Who Said I Was Up for Adoption,? Chappell’s account of himself and Ray, his rescued dog, so I was not surprised to find Colin was a good writer, but his poetry is outstanding.

Part 1, “My Friend, Ray,” describes many things I had read on Colin Chappell’s blog,  ,  as Colin describes, it, it tells about “one calculating dog…and one unsuspecting human.”

Part 2, “Relationships” was about just that, and my favorite poem in this section was one…

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