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Although I finished my Non-fiction challenge much earlier this year,

Completed in March

I am still trying to read more non-fiction. Recently, a friend, Susan, gave me some books she had left over from when she was the CFO of Alvin Independent School District on team management and communication. One of these books, which I’m just getting around to reading is Bob Nicoll’s Remember the Ice.

A fine book on effectively communicating

The title stems from, which is more effective, to say, “Don’t forget the ice,”or to modify the “message” to, “Remember the ice”? Nicoll contends that saying, “Don’t forget the ice” registers in one’s subconscious as “FORGET the ice” because we are most likely to leave out negative messages like, “Don’t.” Instead, he says, we should phrase the communication in a positive way, “REMEMBER” the ice; thus, we will be more likely to experience positive results.

There are many…

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Thanks to this Purple Booker’s meme, I am able to share a teaser from a wonderful book I have just finished.

The Comfort Book by Matt Haig offers just that–comfort.

Opening it at random this morning before returning it to the library, I found these words as a reminder of how to start and spend my day:

“A Thing I Discovered Recently”

“I love stillness. Slowness. When nothing is happening. The blueness of the sky. Inhaling clean air. Birdsong over traffic. Lone footsteps. Spring flowers blooming with defiance. I used to think the quiet patches felt dead. Now they feel more alive. Like leaning over and listening to the earth’s heartbeat.”

Thank you, Evin.

The Comfort Book made me feel better.

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I failed; I quit; I did not finish Madeline L’Engle’s The Other Side of the Sun.

I tried, honest I did, but after almost fifty pages I did not care about the characters, nor was I blown away by the strangeness and mystery of the homeplace where the main character was placed, awaiting her husband’s return from some secret government assignment. The ancient aunts, lorded over by the “servant,” the actual owner of the house, did not amuse me, nor did I have sympathy for the young, recent bride. So–I decided not to finish the book. I chose this novel as part of my 2021 Madeline L’Engle “project,”to read as many books by and about this amazing author. It was available as an e-Book from my local library. Maybe that was part of the problem. My Better Half was “hogging” the Kindle, so I attempted to read it on my…

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