WHAT AN EXPERIENCE! I read 19 of the 24 hours.


I had hoped to “finish several books that are in progress.” I finished two that I had already started.

I wanted to read any books checked out of the library that were “lying around the house.” There were no library books at home after I turned in Adam Grant’s Originals on Friday.

I wanted to begin my Classic Club selection, The Secret Garden. This I could not do because I had problems trying to load the eBook, and the audiobook I requested was not available at the library because it was a state holiday, and the library was closed.

A goal I added at the last minute was to catch up on my devotionals in Simple Abundance, which I was able to do.

This photo shows the books I chose the night before to read during the…

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DEWEY’s 24 HR READATHON: 9:00 p.m. Check In



Freesia’s getting tired. It’s been a looooong day.

Saturday Morning for Kids on Saturday night

Swing It Sunny by Jennifer Holm and Matthew Holm, a graphic novel. I will not review this thanks to spending time at Dewey’s, but it deals with Sunny’s summer before middle school begins and how she misses her brother, Dale, who has been sent to Military School after troubles with drugs and unsavory friends. Can Sunny remain sunny-side up?



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DEWEY’S 24 HR. READATHON: 4:30 P.M. Check In


I took a break for lunch and a quick trip to the post office. When I arrived downtown, I realized it was Frontier Day, sponsored by the Rotary, and National Oak Park was full of vendors. I had to park about a quarter of a mile away, then walked through the many rows of booths. (Ok, so I made a couple of purchases!) It was over 85 degrees. Thank goodness I had my walking stick and the Living Stones Church was handing out free bottles of water. (I spent all the cash I had in my wallet except for $1.50 in quarters.) When I arrived home around three-ish, I was exhausted and very warm.

What better way than to sit down under a fan and rest than reading a book? I finished the first book, of this year’s Read-a-thon:

Useful but not a lot “new”

I have marked several places…

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DEWEY’S 24 HR READATHON: 11:00 a.m. Check In


It has been a busy, productive morning. I started with a light breakfast

Then I caught up on my daily devotionals which National Poetry Month and end-of-semester grading caused me to put on the back burner for a few days.

I wrote an entry in my reading log (to use in a future post) of a book I recently finished.

The morning paper was next, something I usually don’t get to before afternoon. Yes, we are dinosaurs that still get a paper paper daily.

My Better Half decided to join me in the Readathon when he got up.

This was taken last fall.

I then took care of messages, and visited blogging friends’ posts for the day. Two others were doing Dewey’s this year.

My cat, Freesia is keeping me company. Treaties keep her interested.

I always have been a Grammar Nazi.

So far today, I have finished one book…

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Smorgasbord Laughter Lines – April 13th 2021 – Hosts Debby Gies and Sally Cronin – Selective Hearing and Writing Humour

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

Welcome to laughter lines. We will be sharing some of our favourites from the archives over the next few weeks.

If you have not discovered the non-fiction books by D.G. Kaye:Amazon USAnd: Amazon UK Blog: D.G. WritesGoodreads: D.G. Kaye on Goodreads – Twitter: @pokercubster

Check out Debby’s column here on SmorgasbordD.G. Kaye Explores the Realms of Relationships 2020

Now something from Sally. Wry Writing Humour

A writer comes home to a burned down house. His sobbing and slightly-singed wife is standing outside. “What happened, honey?” the man asks.

“Oh, John, it was terrible,” she weeps. “I was cooking, the phone rang. It was your agent. Because I was on the phone, I didn’t notice the stove was on fire. It went up in second. Everything is gone. I nearly didn’t make it out of the house. Poor Fluffy is–”


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Castellan the Black and his Wise Draconic Tips on Life #BrainfluffCastellanthe Black #WiseDragonicTipsonLife #PickyEaters


Fixes for a draconic mid-life crisis #6 – When a pretty young queen catches your eye, ask yourself if you’ll still feel the same about her when she’s wearing half your hoard and insisting on the juiciest parts of your kills.

Castellan the Black, mighty dragon warrior, features in my short story Picky Eaters, written to provide a humorous escape from all the stuff that isn’t happening on Wyvern Peak… All proceeds for the duration of its publishing life are donated to mental health charities.

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It’s 6:30 a.m. Time to “set up”

I didn’t have to set an alarm to wake up this morning, April 24, 2021; it is the day of the READATHON.

It is raining this morning, so I think I’ll wear this shirt:

Next order of business is to select some books to read:

Most of these I have started, so I will tackle them first; after all, my primary goal is to finish books currently “in progress.”


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Tomorrow is the big day! It’s time for Dewey’s 24 Hour Read-a thon. I have only participated in two others (and the read-a-thon was established in 2007), so I am really getting serious about tomorrow.

It’s important to have books on hand, snacks and made ahead-meals, and maybe some goals.

My challenges to myself

I hope to finish the several books that are “in progress.”

I also want to read any library books around the house that need to be returned to the library.

Finally, I want to at least begin the Secret Garden, which was the slip I chose from the bowl for the Classic Club; I need to finish the book before April is over.

April’s selection was The Secret Garden, a young people’s classic.

TOMORROW IS THE BIG DAY! I can hardly wait!

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