Not feeling the Christmas Spirit

Two on a Rant

Don’t feel like taking a ribbonribbing today.

This might be part of the problem:

175+ Best Christmas Instagram Captions 2018…but it’s 3 in the morning and I can’t have any…of anything… 

10 More Hilarious Holiday Memes Every Student Will ...

Most of the time, I’m listening to Christmas music on You-know-who Tube. It’s quite relaxing.

Do you know what it’s like to be listening to soft music and awaken at 2 in the morning to some guy with a shrill voice asking, “Is your sewer line backed up?”

Unfortunately,  my sewer line hasn’t been working correctly for years.

But that’s overshare on steroids.

As opposed to Christmas on quaaludes.

I just love 1980’s sayings.  They’re awesome!

My Baid (My, But Alas I Digress).

Unfortunately, I’ve descended into pun territory this year.  It was only an hour ago that I wrote this on Facebook: 

What do you call a gnome living in the city? 
A metro-gnome. 
Is that not muse-sick to your ears?


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