Saturday Series/Countdown to First Classes

From Saturday, January 11th through Saturday, January 18th, I’m posting a series, “Countdown to First Classes.” Each day I will report on what I did (or plan to do) to get ready for the Spring semester which begins, Tuesday January 21st. I am looking forward to the coming semester and seeing the new “crop” of writers I will have to work with.  I’ve roughed out my syllabi (two classes of Advanced Writing)  and thought about changes to make and things I will have to change in order to keep up with teaching two sections, something  haven’t attempted since 2014. I have a vague idea of what I want the students to do on the first day, but will use you, dear readers, as a sounding board for what works and what doesn’t, what sounds like fun, and what sounds like a great deal of “work,” a word students are sometimes allergic to. Consider this an invitation to help me plan the upcoming semester, one I hope will be the best semester in my 31 years of teaching Advanced Writing at the university.