I have been reading from this amazing book day by day as a secular devotional book. The author sent it to me, asking me to review it on PWR. I gladly accepted and did so. Today’s entry featured a gutsy woman whose name did not ring any bells for me, so I learned a great deal from reading about her.

LUCY CRAFT LANEY, who lived from 1845-1933, “…founded the first school for Black children in Agusta, Georgia in 1833.” As “…an educator and Civil Rights activist, Lucy was active… in the NAACP,” as well as the National Association of Colored Women. Lucy was born during slavery, but to free parents who valued education. The rights she fought for and the impact she had on Black children and their families was established through her teaching and from the school she founded.

She is quoted as saying, “The general plot of life is sometimes shaped by the different ways genuine intelligence combines with genuine ignorance.” She was a gutsy woman who spoke out for and fought for what she believed.

This book is available from the author.