This delightful 2013 publication by Sue Vincent deserves much more space and time than I can allot to it. To simplify matters, I will follow the outline a fellow blogger offered.

How I came to read it: I have been following Sue Vincent’s blog since I began reading blogs almost two years ago.  She mentioned her book, Notes from a Small Dog, in one of her posts, and I knew I had to purchase it.

Synopsis: It is basically a collection of Ani’s posts(a beautiful black dog, winking at the reader in a photograph on the title page) and Sue Vincent’s posts about Annie.

First Thoughts: I was immediately captivated by the posts and stories told both by Sue and by Ani, barely wanting to leave the pages that were so poignantly and cleverly written. For example, Sue does some philosophizing on her musings on faith in God, other people, and the unconditional love from dogs. Ani writes so cleverly, calling Sue’s sons her (Ani’s) “boys” even though they are grown men, and refers to them as Sue’s “pups.”

Writing Style: In a word, dee-light–ful!

Final Thoughts: I am so glad I purchased this book. It brought me many happy reading moments and contemplative moments as well. It is a FANTASTIC book and a FANTASTIC read.

Rating: 5 out of 5