First Line Fridays

My first line for today’s post is from Aiden J. Reid’s Raising Lazarus, published in 2018. The first book I read by him was Pathfinder, his debut novel. Because it was so good, I read Sigil next, and intend to read more as they come out. It begins with a mysterious man who believes he was raised from the dead by a wandering prophet two thousand years ago. Here are the first few lines:

“His eyes opened to the ceiling, a ventilator fan above wobbling on its base like a fat airplane propeller.  Despite the thick air in the room, the blunt blades carved through and a gentle breeze blew on his face; folds of chopped air like cold butter cooling his forehead. There was a dark stain on the face of the fan. His eyes narrowed on the patch, tracing its outer edge, trying to shape it into a figure that he might recognize.”



Join us in a little game several blogging friends and I are playing.  Take a book you are ready to read and type in the first line or so.  See if the first line “grabs” you. Enter the title of the book and the first line(s) in the reply box at the bottom of this blog.

Here is the first line from Chuck Palahniuk’s Fight Club:

” Tyler gets me a job as a waiter, after that Tyler’s pushing a gun in my mouth and saying, the first step to eternal life is you have to die.”

The book was donated to my Little Free Library in my yard, and now I need to read it (or at least part of it) to see if it is too rough for our neighbors. The first line is pretty stark.