Covid humor and a chick dog

Two on a Rant

A few funnies found on the net.

Once you get swabbed in the rear, they donate a cardboard cutout — of you screaming — to a baseball team.

Tired of Covid?  Here’s a picture of a sly dog who’s a chick magnet.

Yes, I’m in a silly mood tonight, but….doggies…and chickies…

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Smorgasbord Laughter Lines Extra – Host Sally Cronin- It’s all about Love…and laughter

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

Something to ease you into the weekend….which I hope is love and laughter filled

National Pride..

An Indian cab driver picked up a Japanese man from a hotel. Along the way, they saw a Honda motorcycle overtake the taxicab and the Japanese guy said, “Motorcycle very fast, made in Japan.” Then a Toyota car overtook the taxicab and the Japanese guy said, “Car very fast, made in Japan.” When they reached the destination the fare was 1500 rupees. The Japanese man thought the ride was would only cost 500 rupees. He asked the driver why the ride was so expensive. The driver said, “Meter very fast, made in India.”

MIT Graduate Interview

Reaching the end of a job interview, the Human Resources Officer asks a young engineer fresh out of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, “And what starting salary are you looking for?”

The engineer replies, “In the region of…

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There were five comments on this giveaway, people. One, Carla from Carla Loves Books said she had a nice journal that was given to her, that she hadn’t even used yet. LOL She was eliminated.

Amy, a young blogger at Beloved Amy said how much she liked journaling and later replied to say her current journal was just about used up. (I read into that “hint, hint,” and award her one of the journals. Chloe of Capable Chloe/Chloe’s Thoughts , another young blogger friend expressed a love of journals as well, so the second goes to her.

Jee Wan of Hooked on Books says she keeps a book journal, and judging from the rapidity of which she reviews books, she can always use another one, so the third goes to her.

That leaves my good friend and adopted little sister, Deb Nance of Readerbuzz, as the fifth commenter. Because…

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Castellan the Black and his Wise Draconic Tips #Looking After Grandchildren #BrainfluffCastellanthe Black #WiseDragonicTipsonChildcare #PickyEaters


If your young charges aren’t paying proper attention – flap your wings. It generally knocks them off their feet.

Castellan the Black, mighty dragon warrior, features in my short story Picky Eaters, written to provide a humorous escape from all the stuff that isn’t happening on Wyvern Peak… All proceeds for the duration of its publishing life are donated to mental health charities.

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Today, September 22 is Dear Diary Day. I celebrated by writing in both my journals. To further celebrate, here’s a GIVEAWAY!!!!

All you have to do is leave a comment, a few sentences about your experiences with journaling or keeping a diary. The comments will be read by an impartial judge who will pick the top THREE who will receive a free journal. Get those entries in quickly. The deadline is September 30th!

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