A working Dad!

A Dog's Life ... and mine ... and yours!

Well it had to happen! Those three eggs*** turned into three kids for Dad to take care of, possibly while Mom is out looking for food!

I wish I could take credit for the pic but, I can’t. It was all Carol’s  work!


.. and then there were three!

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How to be seen as an Expert in your Niche?

Bookish Fame

Want to be seen as an expert in your Niche?

At a time when social media is flooded with bloggers, influencers, content creators, it is so very much important to showcase who you are, with an air of authority. Yes, if you desire to stand out of the crowd, if you want to be seen as an expert in your niche, there’s a certain set of things you must do. No, you cannot ignore them. I repeat, do not take things for granted here.

So, let’s see what all things you need to do to be an Expert:

  • Speak to your tribe – You’re not here to address everyone’s query. You have carved a niche for yourself for a reason. You’ve built a tribe, a community, for a reason. Serve them. Talk to them.
  • Solve problems – I’ve already spoken a bit on this in my previous posts. I would…

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Continuing 2020 ALPHABET CHALLENGE, Author Edition: Letter “H”

National Autism Awareness Month


Naoki Higashda, the author I picked for the letter “H” is thirteen years old and autistic. His best-selling memoir, The Reason Why I Jump, is an enlightening, beautifully written and explained peek into the autistic mind. His autism, however, is not what makes this writer special, however; it is his always patient, sometimes poetic style of writing.ALPHABET-SOUP-2020-AUTHOR-EDITION-BE-820

One of my Advanced Writing students chose this book for her Memoir Project Assignment this semester, and she recommended the book so highly, I bought it to read for April, National Autism Awareness Month. I’m so glad I did.

I reviewed this book on “Powerful Women Readers” (Put the title in the search box and it will give you a link to “Literacy and Me,” my “other” blog.) earlier this month. If you are searching for an excellent non-fiction read, I highly recommend this one.

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