Just as Saturday mornings’ TV programing was aimed at kids, showing cartoons all morning, back in the 50s and 60s, PWR aims book recommendations at kids on Saturdays. Today’s recommendation is aimed at high schoolers.

The teen above could be Sid, the protagonist of Karen Bass’s Drummer Girl because she always wore baggy jeans and an oversized rock band T-shirt, often a hand-me-down from Devin, her away-at-college brother. When she wants to be a part of the rock band of her high school, she submits to her cousin turning her into a girly-girl, complete with mini skirts and scoop necked blouses over lacy camisoles.

The attention she receives from the jocks is unwelcome, and the criticism for trying to be something she’s not from her best friend, Ty is puzzling. With unwelcome “help” from a well-meaning guidance counselor, Sid is forced to confront her confusion about her mother’s leaving the…

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