Just as Saturday mornings in the 50s and 60s reserved TV programming for kids’ cartoons so mom and dad could sleep in, PWR reserves Saturday mornings (in today’s case, Saturday night ) for recommendations of books for kids.

Today’s recommendation is a book I enjoyed so much, I might be my favorite kids’ book of 2023. Perhaps because I taught junior high for almost twenty years, I am a soft touch for books about junior high, especially when they feature a kid that is “different” and doesn’t fit in.

The thing obviously different about Cap (short for Capricorn)is his massive “haystack ” hair. It is the perfect target for spitballs and derisive remarks. Capricorn is straight out of the 60s Hippie Movement because he is raised by his grandmother, Rain, who instills in him the values of the peace and love generation who lived on her commune. Cap’s integration into…

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