IN 2022, I TOOK ON THE MOUNT TBR READING CHALLENGE. I had originally thought of reading 22 books from my TBR selves in 2022, but amended that to 24 books in order to merit a higher level in the challenge. Here it is Thanksgiving, some 37 days left in the year, and to date I have read 15 books that linger on my shelves, neglected and ignored. There are just too many book club selections, new books out, books out recently by favorite authors and those that say “Read me, Read me” as they are displayed in their colorful jackets at the local library. I think, ahead of time, I will concede, no longer attempting to include this challenge and for the rest of the year read what suits my fancy. Heresy? No. Reading for pleasure. Sometimes, one just has to “know when to fold ’em.” LOL

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