BLOGMAS 2021, Day 31: Looking Ahead to 2022 Reading Challenges


I am limiting myself to very few reading challenges because I have two new “challenges” on my time for 2022.


Adapting an idea from Rubin’s Happier podcast, these are a few things I want to accomplish 22 of in ’22.

22 Novels

22 Non-fiction books

22 Books from my TBR shelves

22 Minutes of reading time (minimum) daily

This may sound like a lot of books, but some will overlap within this challenge and with other challenges. I believe it’s doable.


“January 2022 kicks off the eleventh year for the Mount TBR Reading Challenge…” I will read from my own TBR shelves from books owned prior to Jan. 1st 2022. Since I have already planned to read 22 books from said shelves, I will add two books for a total of 24, and attain Level 2, or Mount Blanc Level of…

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