MR. FLOOD’S LAST RESORT by Jess Kid: A Review


Started and finished in the same week…couldn’t put it down!

I read this book in two days–just kept turning pages to figure out the mystery at the center of the plot.

We first meet Maud Drennan, who works for a caretaker/housekeeper company, as she is tackling Mr. Flood’s falling-down, stuffed-to-the-gills house. Cathal Flood, her employer, is a belligerent curmudgeon, hoarder who is trying to outsmart his unctuous son, Gabriel Flood. Gabriel wants to put his father in a “home” where he can receive full-time attention. Instead, Cathal hires Maud to save his “estate,” Bridlemere. Maud has psychic abilities (She sees and communicates with Saints.), and she takes no nonsense from Mr. Flood. Throughout the novel, there are flashbacks to when Maud was a child when her sister “disappeared,” a mystery within a mystery.

This is a story of family love and dysfunction. In an action-packed ending, Maude shows her true…

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