I didn’t love the weather in February; I didn’t love the fact that the pandemic wasn’t getting better. I did love my local library and celebrated Love Your Library Month by donating to the Brazoria County Library, and supporting the Alvin Library League by buying used books for my Little Free Library several times. I LOVE books and everything bookish.

Last February I heard about the old and famous Strand Bookstore in NYC, and with that as my impetus, I got busy planning a girlfriend’s weekend in that city I love.

Three girlfriends, ranging from 50 to 82 in age, and I planned a trip to NYC, which included a Broadway play, a bus tour of the city (none of us are “good walkers”), and a trip to the site of 9/11. Each of us had “special agendas” to carry out while we were there. I intended to visit The…

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