Saturday Mornings for Kids reserves Saturday for reviews and recommendations of Children’s Books much like 50s and 60s TV programming reserved Saturday mornings for cartoons.

Today I highly recommend Kashmira Sheth’s Nina Soni, Master of the Garden.

I learned so much from reading this little book!

Indian children will see their own families reflected in Nina’s family, will read words they hear at home in Hindi, and be reminded of Indian food and snacks they often eat at their own tables. Other kids will learn of these interesting words and foods, thus learning more about their Indian friends. But this book is so much more than educational; it is a “darned good read” because the characters matter to the reader, and the plot has its twists and turns.

If nothing else, Nina is a problem solver. She doesn’t let chard-eating, wild rabbits do her in, nor does she give up…

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