My house is clean and decorated for Christmas, but it is definitely cluttered. In my Advanced Writing class this past semester, one task we attempted was to eliminate clutter in our writing (Zinsser’s On Writing Well, our text pointed out, ” CLUTTER is the disease of American writing. We are a society strangling in unnecessary words, circular construction, pompous frills and meaningless jargon.” ). Maybe I need to do the same at my house, or maybe I can wait until after the holidays. LOL

Kitchen Clutter:

Join me in a cup of tea

Guest Bedroom Clutter:

Here’s where I keep gifts that are getting ready to go to there forever homes.

Sunroom clutter

Here’s where I work on sorting books and stuffed animals for my Little Free Libraries.

Living Room Clutter

Books stacked everywhere…it’s a good thing Santa is bringing me built in bookshelves for Christmas!

Grand Central Wrapping…

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Castellan the Black and his Wise Draconic Tips on Food and Drink #BrainfluffCastellanthe Black #WiseDragonicTipsonFoodandDrink #PickyEaters


Don’t play with your food – you’ll look really silly if it manages to escape.

Castellan the Black, mighty dragon warrior, features in my short story Picky Eaters, written to provide a humorous escape from all the stuff that isn’t happening on Wyvern Peak… All proceeds for the duration of its publishing life are donated to mental health charities.

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One of my goals to start 2020 was to read more non-fiction. As a Literature major in graduate school, I read mostly literary fiction, specifically novels for my own reading pleasure for years. A friend at book club, Deb Nance, of Readerbuzz, stated that she read mostly non-fiction, something at the time that I could not understand. How could anyone enjoy dull, factual, “preachy” books? Over the years we have been in book club together, I have come to learn that non-fiction is not necessarily dull; that facts are fascinating; and an author can write a self-help or an expository book without being “preachy.” My first attempt to read non-fiction included what soon became one of my favorites: Lab Girl; then came numerous memoirs, and historical non-fiction accounts that read like novels, specifically, Erik Larson’s books.

The challenge has three levels:

Non-fiction Nipper, where one reads three non-fiction books…

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