Caturday funnies — Barkalounger edition


Castellan the Black and his Wise Draconic Tips on Food and Drink #BrainfluffCastellanthe Black #WiseDragonicTipsonFoodandDrink #PickyEaters


If your stored meat is looking a bit green, adding molten gold sauce generally improves the flavour.

Castellan the Black, mighty dragon warrior, features in my short story Picky Eaters, written to provide a humorous escape from all the stuff that isn’t happening on Wyvern Peak… All proceeds for the duration of its publishing life are donated to mental health charities.

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“There are ninety-six reasons why thirteen-year-old Genesis dislikes herself.”

My Tuesday Teaser is from the book I am reading this week for Saturday Mornings for Kids. The following comes from first gym class, first day at a new school:

“Basketball is not my sport of choice. Still, I grab a ball and go to a less occupied net at the far end of the court, hoping not to be checked out as I check out everybody else… I immediately throw my ball, which clearly doesn’t fly anywhere near the net. I chase after it, ignoring the chuckles that are surely happening.”

This YA novel has won The Newberry Honor Book, Coretta Scott King New Talent Award, and the William C. Morris Debut Award Finalist.

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