20 IN ’20 UPDATE


Back in January, I challenged myself to read twenty books recommended by blogger friends by the end of 2020. Here we are at 8/4/2020, and I have achieved my goal!

Here are the twenty books I’ve read:

Recommended by Deb Nance of Readerbuzz: The Church of Small Things by Melanie Shankle (This also allowed me to read non-fiction, something formerly not read by me, but something I’m trying to read more of. Debbie was the one who introduced me to the joy of reading non-fiction through our book club.)/Song of the Jade Lily by Kirsty Manning (She gave me a copy)/and Bookworm, a memoir she also gave me.

Recommended by my grandson, Dr. Andrew Joseph Pegoda:

Dr. Andrew guest-lecturing at one of my Advanced Writing classes

Dr. Andrew’s blog, Without Ritual, Autonomous Negotiations qualifies his recommendations for this challenge. He recommended: Trauma Stewardship: Self Care by Van Dermot…

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Mantivore Warrior is published today! #MantivoreWarriorpublication #TheArcadianChroniclescompleted

Just out! A new book by my blogging friend, S. Higbee


I’m delighted to announce the Mantivore Warrior is published today – thus completing The Arcadian Chronicles trilogy about my telepathic alien, Vrox.

To celebrate the completion of my SECOND trilogy – I’ve decided to make Running Out of Space, the first book in my FIRST trilogy free from today MONDAY 31st August until WEDNESDAY 2nd September! Just click on the cover in the sidebar, which will take you to your nearest Amazon store to claim your copy.

For those of you who have been following Vrox’s journey, this book features a different protagonist – Jessob, so it gives an entry point into the story. I’m really excited to have finished Vrox’s adventures, because the first draft of Mantivore Dreams is one I wrote a long time ago, when it was different in many ways – except for Vrox, who has more or less stayed unchanged.


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