National Poet’s Day Was Yesterday

Literacy and Me

Here I am a day late (and a dollar short, too, but that’s another post) for National Poet’s Day, which was celebrated Friday, August 21st. In honor of this special day, I would like to introduce you to my blogging friend and poet whom I’ve often reblogged, Jenn Payne. She is undoubtably my favorite current/modern poet, and her Evidence of Flossing , a collection “which explores the essence of spiritual ecology; the human condition juxtaposed to the natural world and the possibility of divine connection.” (Goodreads)

My favorite poetry book I own.

This lovely collection uses original and vintage photographs, often of discarded dental flossers, to make a plea for our planet’s condition due to our wastefulness and carelessness. These photos and poems will make you read, think, reread, and think some more. Her work has a message, and the message is urgent. Earned 4.77 stars on Goodreads.

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PICKY EATERS by S. J. Higbee: A Review


One doesn’t think of a dragon as a picky eater, but one doesn’t think of a dragon as a grandpa either, does one? This delightful story by blogging friend and Starblind series author, S.J. Higbee is so much fun to read. She had me at the beginning lines when the grand-dragon, Castellan thought his grandkids/dragonets were up to something and “tip taloned across” the cavern where he was babysitting them. Sammy Jo, the dragonet queenling reminded Castellan of his departed wife, she was so much like her grandmother, and she had inherited the skill/gift of time travel as had he. Her father, Rondell, in Castellan’s opinion, “the waste of skin and scales who ended up with [his] daughter,” Emmy Lou provides much humor as the beleaguered son-in-law in the story.

Such detail is given to the dragons’ lair (for example, as Higbee describes Emmy Lou’s “sleeping mound” of golden coins…

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