“The Arthur series “is today’s recommendation for both boys and girls ages four through eight. Arthur Read (Yes, “Read” is his last name.) is an anthropomorphic aardvark created by Marc Brown. For the girls, Arthur has a little sister. He is a good Big Brother. Himself eight years old, Arthur addresses the fears of eight-year-olds like asthma, dyslexia, cancer and diabetes. Family issues like taking turns, being kind, controlling anger, etc. are also dealt with.

One of my favorites is Arthur’s Eyes, dealing with eye checkups and getting glasses.

Arthur’s adventures include writing a story, meeting the President, and his eyes, ears, nose (another favorite), and tooth (about loosing a baby tooth).

A friend gave me multiple copies of Arthur books, which I not only put out in my Little Free Library, but shared with teacher wannabes in my classes for their classroom libraries.

Arthur has been made into…

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