GUEST POST // A Birthday Poem by B K Rollason

unbolt me

There comes a time
for taking stock
of what one’s had
and what one’s got,

of where one’s going
and where one’s been,
of what one’s heard
and what one’s seen.

You know the games,
you’ve learnt the rules,
you can tell the wisemen
from the fools,

you’ve learned that all’s
not as it seems,
that life is both
reality and dreams,

and like the tides
that ebb and flow,
life’s sometimes fast
and oft’ times slow.

To survive the storm
a tree must bend,
and a new day starts
where this one ends.

by B K Rollason
© All rights reserved 1982

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Whispers from the Dead of Night


Whispers from the Dead of Night by author Lee Allen is a collection of seven interesting stories. As cover portrays and title goes are stories are horror stories.

Each story is unique, plot is hard to put to words/becomes spoiler but all stories contain mystery, creepy/gloomy, entertaining and gripping. One needs to read to feel spine chilling experience and get blown away by each of the stories. Plots are unpredictable with twists, narration is spooky, keeps readers hooked to the plot with suspense till the end and language is not very easy. Stories are not interrelated and personally liked “I killed Dorian” of them all.

Would recommend to all readers who enjoy reading horror fictions.

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