Usually I do my personal readathons on a holiday; once Christmas Eve Day and once on Labor Day Weekend.  I missed D.E.A.R.(Drop Everything and Read) day; it fell on Easter. I have decided to get some serious reading done in the middle of on-line teaching, staying at home and feeling slightly anxious about the coming “new normal” by dropping everything and staging a readathon. It will begin at 8:00 CST tomorrow, Saturday, March 18th, and run until sometime Saturday night. I will begin by posting Saturday Morning For Kids, my usual Saturday practice and see where it goes from there. I’m not setting specific goals, just reading, reading, and reading.

Who would like to join me? My Better Half has said he would participate, and I’d love to IMG_0720have my blogging friends along for the day’s journey.

Don’t forget the preparation we must do today: cooking ahead and having plenty of…

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