Literacy and Me

Sunday Stats is intended to give statistics (often straight out of the Houston Chronicle, Sunday edition) that made me stop and think that I wish to share with readers of this blog.

Here are some interesting stats on Hispanics in Texas and the upcoming election:

“…2020 will mark the first time in 200 years that Latinos return to their role as the largest population of The Lone Star State, a role they held transforming the landscape and history itself, from 1720-1820.”

Interestingly enough, “In this year’s elections and beyond, Latinos will, with their actions or inactions, determine the fate of the second-most populous state in the American democracy. Latinos will determine the outcome, too, for the world’s 10th largest economy.”

Politicians who are savvy will court the Latino vote, and Latinos who are smart will make their votes count in national, state, and local elections.

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