water falls

Annette Rochelle Aben


There’s been

A few tears

But only when

Fear has taken hold

Not that tears are bad things

And of course, we need to cry

It is a sign we are ready

To take the next step and move forward

Swim through the river of tears to the shore

©2019 Annette Rochelle Aben

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This meme, started by Mis B of Daily Rhythm, asks readers to copy the first line(s) of a book they are reading in order to tempt others to add the book to their TBR list.  Here are the first lines of Joyce Carol Oates’ autobiography/memoir, The Lost Landscape: A Writer’s Coming of Age.

“May 14,1941. It was a time of nerves. Worried-sick what was coming my father would say of this time in our family history but who could guess it, examining this old and precious snapshot of Mommy and me in our backyard playing with kittens”?

I have read to the point where Oates is enrolled in college, and it has been an interesting read so far, some childhood memories revealing where Oates’ love of books and learning came from. I anticipate finishing this memoir sometime this weekend.

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THE ROSIE RESULT by Graeme Simsion: A Review


This book is the conclusion to the Don Tillman trilogy, but it also makes a great stand-alone novel. Written in 2019, it’s “twist-ending” is the perfect sign off to the series. I was so pleased with the ending, I gave a “yay” out loud and would have clapped my hands together in delight had I not been reaching for reading log and pen to record a review of this fine piece of writing and entertainment.

Don and Rosie’s ten-year-old son, Hudson, the main character in this one, causes his school teacher and counselor some concern, both thinking he should be evaluated for autism. Ironically enough Don does NOT want his son labeled, and he and Rosie fight the school authorities, as Don continuously looks for the stereotypic characteristics of autistic people. Knowing Don, if you have read any of the other two books, The Rosie Project and The Rosie Effect, 

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