Waking up to coffee–two cups, one accompanied by two fresh-baked cookies and half a power bar. Plenty of breakfast. As I sip, I read Coffee Poems, purchased recently after reading on Jen Payne’s blog that she’d had a poem published in this anthology. (Yes, all the poems are about, or at least mention, coffee.) Here is Jen’s poem:

Measuring Water by Sound

I want to know the color of your eyes, not just the browns

and greens of them, but by the specific Pantone colors of

their constellations.

I want to know by rote how your tongue forms the syllables

of my name, the way your lips make words in the dark.

I want to know your skin like I know my favorite sweater,

how it caresses my shoulders, hugs my hips…where it rests

against my belly.

I want to know you by sound, the way I know I’ve poured

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