9 thoughts on “Some books be like…

  1. I stuck with mine because I thought I SHOULD read it as a Lit major. When I tried to talk to other Lit majors about it, they had lots of stuff to say, but it was obvious they’d not really read it! LOL


    1. Honey, I usually have something to say on EVERYTHING, whether others want to hear it or not! LOL I may wait and read your thoughts on Banned Book Week first. After all, we Seniors are constantly learning new attitudes from you younger people!

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      1. Sweetie, I’m no junior. My poison pen is always ready to do its job and perhaps we have more than loving books in common? I’m not a talker but, especially now, I won’t hold my ink. Thank you Rae. I look forward to your posts, especially during Banned Books week.

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