My teaser today comes from a book I just finished, M.L. Rio’s If We were Villains. I have finished the book, but am not going to return it to the library until tomorrow because I need to re-read the last chapter or so to see if I have misinterpreted the ending. Yes, one of “those” endings. I am opening the book at random and selecting a few lines:

“Her voice cracked, the sound too harsh to be an actor’s affectation. She struck her chest hard with one fist, but whether it was a wordless expression of her grief or a desperate attempt to dislodge whatever was choking her, I couldn’t tell. Gwendolyn leaned forward on the table, brow creased with concern.”

What is going on with Wren, cousin to the murdered student, and what does Gwendolyn know that Oliver, the narrator, doesn’t know? Read the book and find out.


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