FACES OF OPPRESSION AND THE PRICE OF JUSTICE, A Woman’s Journey from Eritrea to Saudi Arabia and Then The United States: A Review


Published in 2017 by Dewit O. Woldu and Irvin Bromall, this “composite story” reflects refugees’ experiences in seeking asylum in the USA.  Woldu relays the story of “Natsnet” who journeyed from Eritrea to Saudi Arabia, then finally to Florida. The book is a personal ethnography dealing with abuse of human rights and the “burdens that refugees on our shores carry with them.” Natsnet fled from the “traumas of war and political repression in Eritrea to the gendered and sexual violence accompanying her work as a live-in maid,” in Saudia Arabia. When I thought, “Thank goodness, she is in the U.S!” the author details the “obstacles and cultural biases of the bureaucracy ” of the confusing, molasses-slow processes of immigration control and the slow-grind of the U.S. judicial system. As a reader, this was all new information to me. My heart began to align with immigrants from all countries seeking asylum…

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