A–Z Reading Challenge Update​

In the last update, I posted, I mentioned beginning Reading with Patrick, a book given me by Debbie Nance of Readerbuzz. I have not quite finished it but have finished The Sunken Cathedral, for the letter “S.” I just finished posting a review of Cathedral on an “accidental blog” I discovered on https://literacyletters317703915.wordpress.com

I have already taken down a book from my TBR shelf for the letter “T,” This Noble Land” subtited, “My Vision for America” by James Mitchner. It was published in 1996, as Mitchner was approaching his ninetieth birthday.  I have no idea how I acquired this paperback, nor have I ever heard of it. Either my friend Deb Nance of Readerbuzz passed it along to me, or my friend, Susan gave it to me in one of the many cartons of books she gave me to “have first dibs on, but to see they get a good home ” when she remodeled her home.” What fun I have had passing-along/donating/distributing the books all over our community!  Sometimes I find the perfect “fit” for an individual, other times I put freebies out in daycare centers and at the  Alvin Family Community Center where I volunteer. Duplicates and others, I donate to the Alvin Library League, of which I am a member, for their “sale shelves” at the library whose proceeds are used to buy un-budgeted items the library needs like furniture, children’s books and computers, and for many projects.  The kids at the primary school where I volunteer in the library sometimes see me in town and call me “The Book Lady, “for the trunk of my car is always full of free books.

HOWEVER…I am taking a break from the A-Z Reading Challenge just long enough to finish the library books I have checked out, the church library books sitting on my sea chest, and whatever books are in the piles next to my sleeping places, bookmarked, but unfinished. LOL



6 thoughts on “A–Z Reading Challenge Update​

  1. I don’t blame you for taking a break to fit in with your reading requirements – otherwise it stops being a fun challenge and becomes a miserable restriction… As it is, your reading challenge is going really well.

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  2. Great job Rae you are nearing the end. I have finished up to “R”. I have the rest (except for X) all picked out, but ARCs, library books and blog tours are taking over my reading. I need to get things back under control.

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