TIME – a fragile thing of beauty

Bookish Fame

I shut my eyes

and think for a while

to come to terms

with the changing landscapes of life.

The faces around you change

the memories gradually wane,

whatever is NOW withers away

and only the melancholy remains.

A fragile thing of beauty is Time

that has an essence so sublime,

like a sand that escapes our fist

Time slips away before we realize.

We try to endure

what time contains within its folds

and as life rolls before us,

a few things are remembered,

rest are lost!

We stick to our need

to have something again

which now lie in ruins.

We crib over the lost time

and cogitate upon it

appreciating the joy it brought

to us, at that time.

But hey! let’s assume for a moment

that everything stays permanent.

Would we still admire everything the way we do

when impermanence puts us into chains?

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