First Line Fridays

My first line for today’s post is from Aiden J. Reid’s Raising Lazarus, published in 2018. The first book I read by him was Pathfinder, his debut novel. Because it was so good, I read Sigil next, and intend to read more as they come out. It begins with a mysterious man who believes he was raised from the dead by a wandering prophet two thousand years ago. Here are the first few lines:

“His eyes opened to the ceiling, a ventilator fan above wobbling on its base like a fat airplane propeller.  Despite the thick air in the room, the blunt blades carved through and a gentle breeze blew on his face; folds of chopped air like cold butter cooling his forehead. There was a dark stain on the face of the fan. His eyes narrowed on the patch, tracing its outer edge, trying to shape it into a figure that he might recognize.”



3 thoughts on “First Line Fridays

  1. My better half read this book first, and said it was a little weird and maybe bordered on the “sacreligious” but it was definitely original thinking and kept him turning the pages. I have had NO reading time, and I have only read the first two chapters.


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