Jay’s Children’s Books Marathon: August 2018


I am a day late meeting the deadline for the first round of Jay’s (This Is My Truth Now) Children’s Book Marathon, but for what it is, here it is, with reviews of Picture Books read 8/4-8/9. This category could easily be subtitled, “Classic Children’s Picture Books.”

Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak in its heyday was a genre bender and made critics question what is “appropriate” for children. It turns out, kids love monsters, especially wild and free one like in Sendak’s drawings. It speaks a subversive message for children to break free: break free of “proper’ constraints we put on children and run to the place where the wild (and free) things are.  There the reader and the wild things cavort and rejoice in their freedom.  Doesn’t every child secretly yearn to break free?Don’t adults wish they could do the same thing? Unfortunately, adults have…

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