I Am A Master Of Study-Related Procrastination…

Some Words That Say What I Think

Whenever I study for anything, I always try my hardest to find ways to trick myself into believing that I am working really hard when, in fact, I am not being very productive at all.

I like to call these techniques study-related procrastination.

Examples of study-related procrastination include organising my desk, making a colour- coded revision timetimable, going to the shops to buy various items of stationary and drinking several cups of coffee in order to ‘increase my productivity’, before sitting in a state of caffeine induced anxiety lamenting how I can never seem to get anything done.

One of my favourite forms of study-related procrastination involves going through my revision guides and highlighting the key points.

On the surface, this seems like a good idea – in theory, my brain will find it easier to absorb information if it only has to focus on the important bits.

However, the…

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