TUESDAY TEASER (Please participate)

As per instructions from The Purple Booker, find a random sentence or two that gives us the “feel” of the book you are currently reading and copy it into the Comments box at the end of this post.  Don’t forget to add the title and author. As usual, I will open my book to what I am reading today and start copying where I left off reading.  This is from The Light Between Oceans:

Chapter 15/

“Lucy’s christening, originally arranged for the first week of their leave (from duty at a lonely, isolated lighthouse), had been postponed because of the lengthy “indisposition” of Reverend Norkells.  It finally took place the day before their return to Janus (the island where the lighthouse was located) in early January. That scorching morning, Ralph and Hilda walked to the church with Tom and Isabel (baby’s parents). The only shade to be had while they waited for the doors to open was under a cluster of malee trees, besides the gravestones…[they overhear] ‘Oh, the poor baby, and her father, the ones that drowned. At least they’ve finally got a memorial.’  Isabel froze.  For a moment, she feared she might faint.”



4 thoughts on “TUESDAY TEASER (Please participate)

  1. Without the whole story, there’s no way you can appreciate the story. It’s emotional, heart wrenching, and promises to get more so after this chapter. One thing for sure, I can’t predict the ending.


    1. This blog was started by accident. I was showing my Advanced Writing students how I had set up my blog powerful women readers.wordpress.com and the next thing I knew, I had a second blog! It has turned out to be a happy accident.


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