What’s getting close? The end of the semester at the university.  I have been blessed with such a good group this semester. No class could top last semester’s “crop” as far as gifted writing and talent go, but this semester’s class has attitude, make that good attitude, and personality! What a lovely group of individuals. It has been so much fun and such a pleasure to teach them.  Even helping “strugglers” along the way has been lovely. Most have been faithful in attendance (at least down to the past couple of weeks, when things get “tight” at the end of the semester in their other courses, and they have to steal time from my class to apply it to another). My one concern has been for the lackadaisical concern about being on time. Perhaps this is something the current generation thinks differently about than those of us who were raised to think punctuality is a sign of good character. Perhaps I was not strict enough about enforcing penalties for tardiness. Whatever the cause or reason, I’m going to take my grandmother’s advice when she told me to “Pick your battles.” After all, improvement and a renewed pleasure in writing are good enough goals to accomplish. Thank you, Advanced Writing, Spring 2018 for a wonderful semester, and special congratulations to those of you who graduate this semester. May life bring you only good things.

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