Literacy and Me

Recently I asked my Advanced Writing students at the university where I teach to define the word “passion” collaboratively within their small groups. A variety of definitions were given, all interesting and noteworthy.  Then, individually, I asked them to describe their passion. The answers ranged from “cooking” to “sharing Jesus with others.” Next the students put me on the spot, asking, “What is your passion, Mrs. L”? I hemmed and hawed, mentioning reading and writing and books, and libraries, and other like things when it hit me that my passion was literacy in one form or another. Thus, the need to start this blog: to explore my passion.

On I have written a few posts that are literacy related. The second post, written in March of 2016, discusses the attempts to improve literacy in the Alvin (Texas) area, specifically the planting of Little Free Libraries. The blog will eventually…

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