Join me on Saturday, December 23rd in a twelve-hour Christmas Read-a-thon. No, you do not have to read Christmas themed books, but you may if you would like to. My goal is to finish the books I have started and to read as far as I can in books that are in my house in this order: books checked out from library /escape reading to soothe me from the hustle and bustle I will have been through by then/books that will whittle down my TBR shelves and stacks.

I plan to cook my Christmas Eve dinner and thaw my Christmas day dinner items while I am reading on Saturday.  Sunday we will go to our Christmas Church Service at 10:30 (no Bible Study/Sunday School that day), then return at 5:00 p.m. of Christmas Eve for a Communion/Celebration, so there will be scant time for cooking.  Hopefully by Saturday, everything will…

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2 thoughts on “CHRISTMAS READ-A-THON

  1. Enjoy a read-in. I certainly will. Supposedly it’s going to get colder in the Houston area this weekend and perfect for curling up with a blanket, fluffy slippers, cocoa, and a stack of books. Of course this morning, it’s t-shirt and shorts weather instead…sheesh.

    Happy reading and Merry Christmas.

    P.S.–Hey Mrs. L., I couldn’t find my stash of Christmas cards, so I didn’t get to try to beat you to the mailbox around Thanksgiving and send you a card. And then I just didn’t bother because you’re the only one of a handful that responds each year.

    But I wanted to say Hi to one of my fave writing teachers, and good luck with your blogs. Hugs, and all the best.
    –Tally P., The Chatty Introvert

    P.P.S.–I didn’t say anything sooner and don’t post my full name anymore because of cyber stalkers. Ugh, people just need to behave!


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