The object of the “game” is to open what you are currently reading and copy a couple of sentences to “tease” someone else into wanting to read it. No spoilers please. If you decide to participate on your own blog, leave your “address” in the comments, or consider typing in your whole teaser into the section.Be sure to mention the title and author of the book.  The more who participate, the more fun.  Thanks to Brainfluff which is promoting this “game”/meme for the Purple Booker, the host. Check out both of their teasers, and I predict your To Be Read list will grow.

Here is my teaser from today from a book I have chosen to read to add to my non-fiction reads, Anxious for Nothing, by my favorite inspirational writer, Max Lucado:

“…we have stumbled upon a source of your anxiety.  You thought the problem was your calendar (schedule)…

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Sunday (Evening) Post


After many months of posting Every Other Sunday (Evening), school and life has calmed down enough to where I’m ready to go back to posting a catch up each Sunday evening. School is not out yet, but Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and the big assignments are basically behind us in both Freshman Composition at the local college and in Advanced Writing at the university. I even find myself reading more and enjoying a few stress free days in a row at times. Now isn’t that nice!

Here’s what I finished since the last Every-Other Sunday (Evening) Post:

The Resurrection of Joan Ashby, an outstanding debut novel (reviewed in the post prior to this one on PWR); Half Broke Horses by Jeannette Walls a novel based on the unique life of the author’s grandmother, which will be reviewed later this week; A Man Called Ove, our Third Tuesday…

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This and That/Here and There

With my friend Sarah Higsbee at one of my favorite blogs, Brainfluff.wordpress.com  posting that she had reached her 1500th post, it made me wonder how many posts I had written since March 2016 when I began my first blog http://powerfulwomenreaders.wordpress,com  I did a very unscientific count since I am not computer adept enough to figure out actually how to count, and came up with approximately 249 posts and 13 or more rebloggs since the day I began PWR.

I have told the funny story before that this blog, blogging807.wordpress.com was an accident.  To this day, I do not know what I clicked on or typed in, but this blog was born. I am not even sure of the starting date. I tend to post more reviews and bookish/literature topics on PWR, but often something just too good not to share ends up here, and sometimes the two blogs overlap. (Sometimes a post, like this one, is exclusive to one or the other blogs.)

I can’t believe I am a “real” blogger, for I am not an author or writer like so many of my wonderful blogging friends, but just someone who loves books and everything bookish.  When it comes to writing, I’m like the man who was in a gallery looking at modern art who said, “I don’t know anything about art, but I know what I like!” I feel the same way about writing.

Tips and Tricks Tuesday: Halloween Bookmarks

Hawkin' Out Over Books

Bookmarks are one of those great inventions that save readers the pain of  “dog earing” their books, but they can be plain and boring. With an important holiday coming up I think it’s time to change my boring day-to-day bookmark for something a little more festive. In honor of Halloween, today I will be sharing some DIY bookmarks to put everyone in a spooky mood.

Popsicle Stick Monster Men

Popcicle sticks

First on the list are Popsicle Stick Monster Men. These bookmarks are great because if you already have popsicle sticks and paint at home you don’t really need anything else. This is a great project for kids that is easy, fun, and lets them get creative with their monster. The materials and process for making the Monster Men can be found here.

Halloween Paperclip Bookmarks


This is another easy and inexpensive bookmark to make. All you need are Halloween shapes…

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